Shared Stories in Practice


In my previous article on DevOps , I talked about an important tool in the process of enabling cooperative learning: Shared stories. But in practice what does it means? Here is a very simple proposal that can be applied almost anywhere and that do not require any tool–except a ticketing tool.

During team meeting each member of the team take some time to talk about a mistake, a problem or a failure he has made or he has to solve. The team gives its feedback and defines a way to avoid this problem in the future by identifying a remediation action. The remediation action can be (non exhaustive):

  • Communicate
  • Perform a training session
  • Improve or write the documentation
  • Automate a process or a task
  • Monitor a process

One person of the team will be in charge of implementing the solution. The corresponding ticket is created during the team meeting. Once done, the team will not waste its time anymore solving this problem and will be available to solve new ones.