My first contact with code was–like for a lot of people belonging to my generation–with BASIC on a CRT TV screen loading files from a tape recorder. Then I learned C and the great magical world of Objects with Java. But I was a bit upset by its growing complexity and the need to write a bunch of useless code.

After spending some time working more on Excel spreadsheets than coding, the simplicity of Python gives me a fresh wind and now I use it for almost everything. One of those things is data science and I've played–and also worked–a lot with its data ecosystem centered around pandas in Jupyter notebooks. I have also worked with its friend and competitor R and I must confess that, after a first disappointing experience, I come back to R with a great enthusiasm thanks to the awesome work done on the tidyverse — and on RStudio — by one of the data science superhero Hadley Wickham. After Batman vs. Superman this is Hadley vs. Wes McKinney. Now, I’m working on a Big Data Hadoop platform (HDP), welcome back Java … So I have started to learn Scala.

The topics that occupies me right now are:

I must be nostalgic since I love old languages and systems, and all these old stories of pioneers–I have a great list of books on that topic.

I'm also a big fan of plain text and the various editors dedicated to this simple but fundamental purpose. Obviously I love Markdown, I use it as much as I can, but unfortunately it is not–still–supported by Outlook.